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Dear Visitors,

I am very happy to place  my new and extraordinary blog name Agrimate.org in front of you. This blog has been created to give you technical information related to technology in Agriculture. The main purpose of this blog is about how to bring good prospects in agriculture. In this blog, a lot of information will be given about different types of technology, which will be based on my personal, study of agriculture books, agricultural journals,  internet and other researches on grassroot level.

In this blog, we will give detailed information mainly about micro irrigation and related plantation. The founder of this blog is Mr. Anoop Kumar who is an Agricultural Engineer  having an experience of 12 years in Agricultural Technology specially in Micro Irrigation sector.

Mr. Anoop is accompanied by Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Singh in a pivotal role. Mr. Dheeraj Singh, who is M.Sc in Agriculture, has an experience of 5 years in the field at the grassroots level. Dheeraj Singh is working with farmers who are involved in their livelihood with vegetable crops.

Along with our team there are much members who are associated with agriculture and non other sector also whose experience is deeply solicited. I hope that this blog will be able to meet your technical needs related to agriculture. You can contact us in following email id.


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