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How To Do Cucumber Farming In Polyhouse

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Cucumber farming in polyhouse complete project report.

Botanical name of cucumber – Cucumis steves

Family – Cucurbits

Climate change and increasing population is a big challenge for agriculture and economy all over the world including India. New technology used in agriculture To increase productivity in agriculture, new technologies have been invented.

Out of the new techniques, under well-planned and sustainable farming, protected farming which is done by controlling the weather inside the polyhouse is proving to be very useful.

In this farmers get more profit by cultivating better varieties of hybrid and improved varieties of seeds in less time and space. Protected farming includes poly houses, shednet houses, etc. Out of these polyhouse is expensive but more productive.

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General Description of cucumber –

Cucumber is a very special crop of our country. The origin of cucumber is India. Cucumber is used as a summer vegetable in India. Cucumber fruit is eaten raw, pickled or used as a salad or vegetable. Cucumber contains 96% water. Cucumber is very special of summer in maintaining the quantity of our body which is good in summer season.

Cucumber is a good source of MB (molybdenum) and vitamins. Cucumber is used to treat skin, kidney and heart problems and as an alkalizer.

The market demand of cucumber is high and the market price is also good. Along with this, if cucumber is cultivated with the help of modern technology in polyhouse then three good crops can be obtained in a year. The incidence of pests and diseases in the polyhouse is much less than in the open field.

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Cucumber has special importance among the vegetables grown in protected environment because cucumber is the only crop among the popular vegetables grown in poly house which gives good income by getting ready in less time.

Three crops of cucumber can be taken in a year. Immature and full grown fruits of cucumber are used as salad, vegetable and pickle. Modern varieties of cucumber, which are seedless as well as rich in taste, due to their popularity is increasing day by day.

Cucumber is mainly a warm season crop but cultivation of cucumber crop can be done throughout the year in poly house.

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Few health benefits of cucumber:

  1. Many such elements are found in cucumber which can prove to be helpful in preventing cancer.
  2. Cucumber is high in water content and has a lot of calories, so it helps in reducing our body weight.
  3. Cucumber helps in working out the circles under the eyes.
  4. Vitamin C beta-carotene is found in cucumber, which acts as an antioxidant, which improves immunity.
  5. Calcium found in cucumber is beneficial for bones.
  6. Cucumber is a good source of vitamins. Cucumber is used to treat skin, kidney and heart problems and as an alkalizer.

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In this article today we will learn about the protected cultivation of cucumbers.

Climate:- Cucumber can be cultivated throughout the year in polyhouse. 20 degree centigrade temperature is suitable for the germination of cucumber and 22 to 30 degree Celsius temperature is suitable for the growth and development of plants. The relative humidity 70-80% is suitable.

Land: – For the cultivation of cucumber, all types of fertile soil where there is good drainage of water and whose pH value is 5.5 to 6.7 is best.

Improved varieties –

  1. Pusa Uday
  2. Pusa Sanyog
  3. Pant khira1
  4. Parthenocarpic khira 2
  5. Parthenocarpic khira 3
  6. Himangini
  7. Fule subhangi
  8. CO 1

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 Preparation of beds: – Preparation of beds is a very important task, most of them use formalin for the illumination of weeds. For this, we do humus of the soil and then fill that soil with water. During this, formalin (01:10) is mixed in the water. For example, 7.5 liters of formalin mixed with 75 liters of water is mixed in an area of ​​100 square meters.

This soil is covered with polythene for 5 days. After that, after removing the polythene, the soil is sterilized at the rate of 100 liters of water per square meter area once. Sowing can be done after 2 weeks in treated soil.

Bed size:

The top width of the bed is 90 cm. The distance between two beds is 45 cm.

The width of the bottom of the bed is 100 cm. The height of the bed is 40 cm.

Drip Irrigation for Cucumber :- It is necessary for polyhouse that irrigation on the beds should be done through drip method. For this 16 mm. of 60 cm. Online laterals should be used. Lateral is placed in the middle of the bed. We should select the dripper inside the lateral with 4 liters per hour.

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Quantity of Seed: 2.5 to 4 kg for one hectare seeds are required. Seed sowing distance: – Plant to plant distance is 60 cm and row to row distance is 45 cm. It is appropriate to keep In front of each dripper, one seed is planted on both sides.

Irrigation Management in Cucumber: After planting, till the plants are established properly, there should be no shortage of moisture. Water consumption efficiency is higher in polyhouses as compared to sources. If the water use efficiency is high then the fertilizer use efficiency will also be high. We give irrigation through drip method. Qualitative increase in the product can be achieved by giving fertilizers through venturi along with water.

Nutrient deficiency in cucumbers: Nutrient consumption increases during cucumber production in poly house. Due to which the cost of agriculture is high and the farmer does not get proper profit. It is necessary to treat the deficiency symptoms of these nutrients.

We need to watch completely against sysmpom on leafs. Whenever any macro or micro nutrients glimpse over the the plant leave we need to immediately apply supply either ventury of any spray medium.

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Weeding and supporting:- Weeds cause a lot of damage in the initial growth of plants. Therefore, weeding is necessary at the young stage of the plants. Weeding and hoeing may be required 3-4 times in the crop.

Cucumbers have ascending vines and when the plants do not get support along with the growth, the plants start spreading on the ground itself. From 30-35 days after seed sowing, threadlike structures emerge in the plant. At this time the plant needs support.

Disease and Pest Management in Cucumber

Thrips: Both its young and adult cause harm they eat by scratching the green part of the leaves. They also suck the sap of flowers and tender stems. As a result, leaves, buds and buds shrink. For control imidacloprid 14.4 s. Ale. Spraying (2 ml / 10 l of water) gives good results.

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Mahu – Many species of mahu are found inside the polyhouse. It is of many colors. This insect usually sucks the juice of the tissues. Asif gram per liter of water or dimethoate 30 EC. The pest can be controlled in the early stages of the crop by spraying at the rate of 1 ml/Lit of water. If there is an outbreak of koto at the time of fruit stage, then Imodacloprid 200 S. Ale. 5 ml. /Litre of water or ghayomethoxam 25 W. Yes. Spraying should be done at the rate of 0.5 gm per liter of water.

Mosaic virus disease: – Plants become seriously ill due to this disease. Yellow spots appear on the leaves, due to which the size of the leaves remains smaller than normal. Due to the effect of this disease, the fruits remain small and deformed.

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Management – The disease is transmitted by a vehicle insect aphid. Hence the insecticide dimethoate 30 EC. 5 ml/l of 1 ml/litzalchymidacloprid 200 SL. Spray at the rate of water. Nematodes:- These are commonly seen in vegetable crops.

When the same crop is grown in the same field for 3-4 consecutive times, then the damage caused by it is very high. Due to this the leaves become yellow, small and the size of the fruit becomes small. When the affected plant is uprooted it is found that there are knots in the roots. (Note: Before spraying any chemical in the plant consult to nearest university or college or KVK scientist in your nearest for convenience and availability with suitability)

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Harvesting – Harvesting of cucumber start 50 to 65 days after sowing. Harvesting can be done three to four times a week. With proper fertigation and all management you will will get 200 to 250 quintal of cucumber per ha.


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