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How can you produce vermi compost in villages?

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How can you produce vermi compost in villages?

In today’s era of intensive farming dung manure green manure and compost are important in natural fertilizers to maintain the fertility of the land.  To make compost the waste dung of crop residues where animals waste is put in the pit where it is get decomposed.

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This process takes more time and there is also loss of nutrients.  The environment is also polluted due to the more time taken in the simple composting process. For the last few years a new method of making compost has been developed in which earthworms are used therefore vermi compost is also called earthworm compost. This manure can be form from the waste of anything other than plastic lead stone.

 Let us know what vermi compost is?

Earthworms make his significant contribution to the land as a land reformer. Its activity continues on its own in the soil most of the earthworms is seen above the ground during the rainy season, but due to the continuous use of more chemical fertilizers and pesticides in modern farming the number of earthworms has decreased drastically.

Now we ourselves should understand that the soil in which the availability of earthworms has reduced or has ended that soil is becoming un fertile and we cannot grow anything in that soil without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Earthworm is the most prominent of the organisms found in the soil it passes the soil and raw animal waste as its diet and passes it through its digestive track from which it is converted into compost and small grains outside its body. Where is this compost taken out in the form of earthworm compost or vermi compost.

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Using earthworms it is possible to make compost on the farm itself on a commercial scale with this method earthworm manure can be prepared in just two to two and a half months or the mine is very effective and it contains all the nutrients for the plants.  These are present in soils can be absorbed by the plants very easily and quickly.

Special ideas for preparing earthworm manure

We will be very surprised to know that there are about 4000 species of earthwarm. The name Asinia Fotida which in Hindi is called red kechua chucha and yudrilay uzini complete pink earthworm is used.

The amount of different elements in earthworm manure

Earthworm manure is a highly nutritious manure that in addition to the nitrogen 1.2 to 1.4% phosphorus point 4 to point 6% and potash 1.5 to 1.8% from the touched manure there are also auspicious opportunities that the waste material released from the activities of natural elements. This manure becomes more fertile due to its mixing with natural methods.

How to make earthworm compost?

The method of making earthworm manure is very easy unemployed youth can earn good money with this. There are two methods of preparing earthworm manure at the industrial level.

  1. Windrose Method
  2. Modular Method

First method in which there is a need to buy a ready-made box so it is not useful for common farmers due to being expensive the second method is very famous due to being economical, which we are describing below.

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While preparing earthworm compost we need to pay attention to some basic things. Initially we have to make a structure of 5 feet width and 20 ft long with 3 to 4 ft height are made on the wooden roof and a wish is made on top of it what should be its height so that people can comfortably sprinkle water in it. Vermi compost is prepared under this small hut structure to protect it from excessive sun and rain.

How should we choose the place? So that the rain water and the place cannot collect water at that place so always choose higher ground.

Pre-treatment of biological substances

Organic matter like cow dung remains of grass, straw, green leaves etc., before selecting glass polythene stones etc., if any is there should be separated. That entire residue should be mixed with cow dung leaving it to partially.

 Process for getting vermi Compost

First stage

 A moistening material is placed below it by making the ground level.

 2nd Stage

The first layer is prepared from floating substances such as coconut husks, banana leaves or chopped into small pieces, it is necessary to have a thickness of 3 to 4 inches.

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Third stage

The second layer is about 3 to 4 inches thick which is laid over the building material. In this week mainly half rotten cow dung is used so that the material does not generate much heat at the time of climbing if there is a lack of moisture in this material. If yes it is necessary to spray water on every surface.

background texture

Fourth stage

The raw on top of the second surface are placed lightly on 1 square meter of space which requires two hundred and a half in number approximate to release the earthwarm  after they fall under the second surface because they do not like to open themselves.

Fifth Stage

The fifth step is mixed green or dry organic matter and cow dung cut into small pieces and given in the last session, this layer is about 4 to 5 inches thick in this way.

The fifth step is mixed green or dry organic matter and cow dung cut into small pieces and given in the last session, this layer is about 4 to 5 inches thick, thus the height of the layer becomes 1-5 feet.

Sixth step

The last layer has to covered with a cloth of jute bags equal to the length of the entire bed. It is necessary to cover the entire pile. The torn bad of the gunny bags can be used in this work.  Regular spraying of water on the horse is essential, the humidity should always be around 60 to 70%

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Seventh Step

Seventh step When the earthworm is ready the spraying of water in it should be stopped and it should be allowed to dry after that a thin layer of half rotten cow dung should not be kept on top. All the earthworms come in this layer. So that all the earthwarm related to that layer should be separated. Let’s collect it with a layer of sieve and filter it through a thick sieve, the earthwarm should be separated. That has to work on next compost making process.

Eighth Step

The Final step my end products are collected in the form of earthworm manure the bed is kept safe and the preparation of the second one should be started on top of the old bed.

Now how can you keep this manure by drying it in the shade it is reduced or it becomes maintainable. After drying it can be kept in the sack for a period of 1 year. Those fertilizers should not be used with in any way, chemical fertilizers and any kind of pesticides.

Method of using earthworm manure

At the time of last plowing of the field, apply a vermicompost  of 20 to 30 quintals per hectare and do the separation once again. Before planting the seed you can also put it well in the row also. It can also be applied at the time of soiling.  For best results of it after application of manure use dry straw leaf or husk to protect it from dry.

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Benefits of using earthworm manure

By playing earthworm manure in the soil and their activity in the soil, the land becomes fertile. Which creates a proper environment for the roots of the plants and this improves their growth and strengthens the plants.


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