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How Can You Do Multilayer Farming?

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How can you earn with multilayer farming?

 Today we are facing the problem related to land holding capacity of the Indian farmers. Now they have invented more techniques by the use of multi layer farming and are planting many crops at a time and earning good income in less time. The best thing is that this not only reduces the cost of farming water consumption but also increases the profit by several times.

Farmers are now cultivating in different ways from traditional farming. Many are using new varieties new types of crops, etc., while many are changing the way of farming. With this they are able to earn good profits at low cost. One such method is multilayer farming.

The special thing is that this not only reduces the cost of farming water consumption but also increases the profit manifold. In such a situation we should know what is this multi-layer farming? By that which farmers are now able to boost their profits a lot. In this article we will see how farmers are growing several crops in same season and place and earning become thrice.

What is multilayer farming?

 In this type of farming  crops have to be selected as per weather and climatic conditions.. And one crop is that which is below the ground while the other crop is that which is above the ground from vegetable crop. After this like the vine the third and fourth crops are in the form of fruit trees. You should start with choose the crop based on your soil & climate. But here we will discuss only three crops details farming.

Now, How farming is done?

 In this the whole things is about the selection of crops and the timing of their sowing. For example instead of summer many farmers plant ginger in the ground in mild winter i.e. February. After this it is fixed with the soil and after that vegetable is planted like cauliflower & cabbages it does not even cause weeds. Also after this with the help of bamboo you should make it like a wire roof in which different vine vegetables that would be the third plant are planted. Due to this neither the direct sunlight falls on the ground nor does the crop below remain safe even at the time of hailstorm.

You can plant

  1. Ginger
  2. As a vegetable cauliflower or cabbage
  3. And the third one is vine crop cucurbits.

You can also plant as per combination of crop & season also.

When Ginger sown in the plot then at the difference of the 3 to 5 days you can transplant seedling of cabbage & cauliflower in same bed with proper distance management. We already know after 2 to 2.5 month  you will harvest your cabbage. We also suggest you that at the same time you can sow seeds of cucurbits in the same bed.

When you harvested cabbage cucurbits starts to fruit. Whenever cucurbits will be removed then you can harvest your ginger. Now you have understood how you will get benefit from same season with multiple crop.

You can raise four crops by irrigating one land. Along with this. You are saved from weeds and are also saved from selling wages to remove weeds. In addition the cost of weeding is reduced. Apart from this your fear of loss is very less so that you can easily earn good profits.

How much is the benefit?

 If it is estimated then it costs up to 4 times less in farming. In multilayer farming there is a benefit of up to 4 times from farming. Nutrients are passed from one crop to another. Not only this it not only causes problems with insect moths but also problems like weeds do not harm the crop. It is said that up to 70 percent of water can be saved with this. If we calculate fully then in 1 year there is a saving of 5-7 lakh rupees in 1 acre.

Some small and marginal farmers have very little land to cultivate. In such a situation farmers have to face many challenges. They get less production of crops from farming due to which their income also decreases. But today we are going to tell small and marginal farmers about such a technique by adopting which farmers can make their farming much better.

We are talking about multi-layer farming which many farmers would know by the name of multi-layered farming. This technique is very useful for today’s farming.

With this technique the farmer can easily cultivate 2 to 4 crops simultaneously in the same field. For this the farmer should first plant such a crop in the land which grows inside the land. After this, vegetable and flowering plants can be planted in the same land. Apart from these crops, shady and fruit trees can also be planted. With this technique the farmer can cultivate more than one crop even in less land.

The farmer can cultivate many other crops including ginger, amaranth, papaya, bitter gourd, kundru in multi-layer farming.

Advantages of multilayer farming

 The farmer can protect his crops from pests and diseases.

  • The risk of planting weeds in the soil is reduced.
  • Organic manure is used, which also saves the cost of weeding.
  • Manure is saved, because the amount of manure required in one crop is enough for 3 to 5 crops.
  • This technique saves up to 70 percent of water.
  • Farmers get more profits.

Low cost and high return in multi layer farming

According to agricultural experts if the farmer cultivates with multilayer farming then his cost is 4 times less. The cost reduction is in terms of less tillage operations, less fuel expanses in irrigation and less used in fertilizer. With this the profit increases by 4 to 6 times. If the farmer cultivates several crops simultaneously in the field, then the crops get nutrients from each other. In this way the land also becomes fertile, as well as water and manure are saved.




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